Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse

//Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse

Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse

Love is said to taste like wine.

Another year it is time to celebrate LOVE. Hugs and kisses feel even better in the cold month of February. Valentine’s Day is celebrated the world over because love knows no borders. Here are a few of the most interesting ways Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world.


The centuries-old tradition in Germany is to exchange pig-themed gifts on Valentine’s Day. Although it doesn’t seem very romantic, it makes sense. For the Germans, the pig represents both good luck and lust, two essentials a couple needs in order to work… At this time of year, shop windows are filled chocolate and porcelain pigs, and cuddly toy pigs. So, if you have a special German in mind, get yourself a pig, and accompany it with a bottle of wine. It’s sure to make an even bigger impression. Gift Campillo Reserva Tinto to show how serious you are.


San Valentin es la excusa perfecta

The South Koreans are so obsessed with love that it is celebrated on the fourteenth of every month. Little does it matter whether you’re in a relationship or not. The actual 14 February is the day when women give men gifts. In turn, men give women gifts on 14 March. But not only couples celebrate Valentine’s Day; 14 April is when singletons pay their own special tribute to love by celebrating Black Day. Singles dress in black and go out to dine on jjajangmyeon, a noodle and black bean dish, and to try their luck while they’re at it. Some Korean restaurants also offer wine… making the experience worthwhile.


There is also a rather unusual way of celebrating Valentine’s Day in Denmark. Men gift their loved ones with small white flowers accompanied by poems. It sounds romantic enough so far, but the poems don’t actually profess love. In fact, they’re quite witty; and they’re signed with a set of dots, one for each letter in the sender’s name. If the recipient guess who the sender is, he’ll have to give her an egg at Easter. If she can’t guess, then she’ll have to give him an Easter egg instead. A fun game, with an ending that can become very intense on the cold Danish coast.


San Valentin es la excusa perfecta

Roses are the preferred gift in Taiwan. Although this doesn’t seem very original at first, there’s a message in the number of roses gifted. If you give somebody a single red rose, it means they’re your only love, while a bouquet of 11 roses means they’re your favourite. What’s more, 99 roses show your love is forever, while 108 roses are considered a marriage proposal. It could be a good idea to set up a flower shop in Taiwan, where Faustino wines are great demand. 


San Valentin es la excusa perfecta

The tradition in England is for women to place five bay leaves on their pillows, one at each of the four corners and one in the middle. According to legend, this is how they will find their future husbands.

Many people believe that the connection between Valentine’s Day and love originated in England in the 14th century. The English poet Geoffrey Chaucer, author of the Canterbury Tales, wrote that the feast of Saint Valentine was when every bird came to choose their mates for the year. That’s why Faustino is the favourite brand of wine for the English on such a special day.


San Valentin es la excusa perfecta

How else could Valentine’s Day be celebrated in Ghana than by gifting chocolate. The reason is simple: Ghana is the world’s leading producer of cocoa. What’s more, 14 February isn’t just Valentine’s Day, it’s also Chocolate Day. So, if you’re loved one is a chocoholic, then a trip to Ghana may just be the most romantic gift you can give.

Whatever the case and wherever we are on the planet, let’s make a toast to love with a glass of wine. Grupo Faustino wishes you a very happy Valentine’s Day.


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