Fast food and wine

//Fast food and wine

Fast food and wine

At home watching the Euros.

On a day when you don’t feel like doing anything, there’s the Chinese restaurant on the corner, the kebab shop down the road, burgers delivered to your door… Sometimes lazing around is just the thing. It’s time to clear some of those prejudices from your mind and start enjoying fast food the way it should be done, with a glass of wine in your hand.

Wine is so versatile and there’s so much diversity that it’s hard to find a dish it doesn’t go with. There’s quality fast food to be found, and it deserves a quality, all-purpose wine.


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A classic choice when we don’t know what to eat. Lemon chicken, beef with mushrooms and bamboo shoots, fried rice and lots of spring rolls. A guaranteed feast. Sweet, sour and savoury flavours with a good dose of fat. The perfect occasion to open a bottle of refreshing and invigorating Fortius white Chardonnay.


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There are lots of fast food chains offering giant burritos, nachos, fajitas and tacos of all kinds. Tacos, the stars of Mexican food, are addictive without a doubt. Filled with cochinita pibil, chicken tinga or chicken with mole sauce, to name just a few. Hot, spicy and intense flavours that would only be smothered with a soft drink. Try them with a Faustino VII rosé and lots of things will become clear to you.

An evening of tacos and nachos made perfect. Light and fruity wines balance the spiciness and add freshness when you can only take so much heat.


Fast Food y vino, Kebab, Fast Food and wine

Who’s ever got out of bed on a Sunday morning with a craving for a kebab? Maybe it’s because of the MSG, the sauce, or who knows why, but a kebab from time to time tastes like heaven.

A kebab, with its spicy flavour, is worthy of a good vintage wine. Garnacha or Verdejo wines are a perfect accompaniment for this Turkish treat that knows no borders. A glass of Bodegas Leganza White Verdejo is the ideal choice.


Fast Food y vino, pizza, Fast Food and wine

Now that the Euros are here, pizzas are becoming standard fare in every home. Whether with family, with friends, or simply because there’s no other choice. There might be a neighbour from Sweden, or an Italian whose conversation consists of football and the most universal food product.

A crispy base and whatever toppings you can imagine, be it meat, vegetables, tuna, salmon, carbonara or barbecue… The combinations are endless. The most classic toppings have a distinct Mediterranean feel: olive oil, basil, oregano, tomato, cheese… There’s no better way to accompany a rosé from Bodegas Leganza.


Fast Food y vino, perrito caliente, hot dog, Fast Food and wine

Hot dogs seem to have gone out of fashion. With so much variety in fast food, they seem to have been relegated way down the list. But a good hot dog – with its frankfurter, ketchup and mustard – is a classic, a delicious treat. You might think it goes best with a cold beer, but that’s not the case.

If you swap the beer for a Faustino Art Collection Chardonnay, you’ll be taking it to another level. And if the hot dog comes with pickles, fried onions and other toppings, a rosé makes the best choice.


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